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      Company name: Guangdong Jiexinda Machine Tool Co., Ltd.
      Phone: 0760-22579960
      Fax: 0760-22579960
      hotline: 13925333352 (Mr. Zhang)
      National unified service hotline: 4008-3008-91
      Address: Dafeng Street West Road Guangdong Province Zhongshan City Dongsheng town of white village 4 li

      About Us
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      Guangdong Jiexinda Machine Co. Ltd is located in Dongsheng Town, Chinese hardware hometown in Zhongshan city. Traffic lead in all directions is the ideal business, be always on the move.
      Guangdong JieXinda Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a collection of R &amp; D, manufacturing, marketing, and after-sales service, and in one of the CNC lathe of professional manufacturers, my company has a large number of professional and technical personnel, the slant bed machine tool design, production, assembly and service strictly grasp the quality and achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction.
      In all staff to actively explore, innovation efforts, the use of domestic and foreign well-known brand part of the original production of CNC lathe increasingly reflect the characteristics of "high rigidity, high precision, high efficiency,", excellent price, at the same time, our company has a strong technical center and after-sales service centers, for customers to provide product development, design, manufacturing, commissioning, after-sales service one-stop quality service, the true value of machine tool will fully reflected in use, so that you get the best investment effect.
      Companies always adhere to the customer first, continuous innovation management ideas, like customers want to continuously optimize their products, improve the quality and efficiency. Quality is the lifeblood of the enterprise, grasp the details, open innovation, the company is willing to work with the vast number of customers and strategic partners to create a better future together.